The Schedule


New York City – Arrivals

Friday, June 21st

Welcome to the beautiful Mandarin Oriental.  Get checked in. Get your goodie bag.  Meet up with old friends and new.  Cruise the Big Apple in your supercar. Take a stroll through Central Park. Check out Times Square.  Or just rest up for the incredible 9 nights of fun that we have planned! Any way, the night is yours.

New York City – Day 0

Saturday, June 22nd

You’re here, you’re settled, and you’ve got a full day to explore at your leisure, or join with some other ralliers and make a fun day of it.  Don’t go too crazy, the first official event of the rally starts tonight.   We rented a private yacht for a kickoff dinner on the water that you won’t soon forget.

NYC to Pittsburgh – Day 1

Sunday June 23rd

Finally we hit the road!  After the rally kickoff festivities, we’ve got a fun and pretty direct route from Manhattan to Pittsburgh lined up.  We trade the concrete jungle for the beautiful rolling hills and bucolic landscapes Pennsylvania is so well known for. 

Distance: 386 miles

Google Maps Time to beat: 6:15

Hang in Pittsburgh – Day 2

Monday, June 24th – Morning

Welcome to the first annual LongTail GP.  We’re heading to the renowned Pittsburgh International Race Complex. Teams of two will battle it out in 45mph go-karts ten at a time with practice, qualifying and a race…GP style.  Who will bring home the trophy for Fastest Person on the Rally? 

Hang in Pittsburgh – Day 2

Monday, June 24th – Evening

The Pittsburgh Pirates are turning over the keys to PNC Park to LongTail!  We rented out the whole stadium.  Staff will arrange for us to take batting practice out on the field. Lots of food and cool photo opportunities with your car.  We also have full access to the Jumbotron and stadium audio.  What could go wrong?

Pittsburgh to Greenbrier – Day 3

Tuesday, June 25th

It’s time to leave the Steel City behind and begin our dive deep into the Appalachian forests.  If you hear banjo music, keep on driving.  Have fun on the twisties, but dont forget to enjoy the view. There’s not many places that are as gorgeous as the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Distance: 262 miles

GoogleMaps time to beat: 4:45

Hang in Greenbrier – Day 4

Wednesday, June 26th

This historic resort has over 55 indoor and outdoor activities YOU get to pick whichever you want.  In the evening, we’ll be touring the recently declassified underground bunker secretly built during the cold war to house the President and congress if Washington were to be targeted. Super cool piece of history.

Greenbrier to Cherokee – Day 5

Thursday, June 27th

Our journey continues with more amazing driving roads in the Great Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains as we make our way into Cherokee, NC.   Lonely, twisty roads with fresh tarmac deep in the green forests await.

Distance: 313 miles

Google Maps time to beat: 4:55

Cherokee to Nashville – Day 6

Friday, June 28th

And now for the main event!  The Tail of the Dragon.  Designated US 129, the road is bordered by the Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest with no intersecting roads or driveways to hamper your travel. It is considered “the destination” for thousands of sports car fans. Can you brave it?

Cherokee to Nashville – Day 7

Saturday, June 29th

You made it!  You survived the Tail.  You set sail in the Big Apple. You swung for the fences in Pittsburgh.  You hid underground in Greenbrier and put it all on red in Cherokee.  Now it’s time to celebrate!  Sleep in and have a nice brunch.  Check out some of the sights and scenes, and then get ready for a LongTail closing party for the ages.

Cherokee to Nashville – Day 8

Sunday, June 30th

Departures.  This part sucks.  Hopefully you didn’t book an early flight. Post-rally depression is real.


See you all at the next LongTail event!