LongTail Sprint to Monterey Car Week

Join us on our inaugural Sprint to Monterey Car Week… departing on Wednesday August 17th from a location in the Los Angeles area, we’ll be rolling as a group through some of our favorite driving roads to a lunch spot in the Paso Robles area. We’ll have a great lunch, and then hit the most beautiful stretch of road in the the world, Pacific Coast Highway up through Big Sur to Monterey/Carmel/Pebble Beach. No accommodations or tickets to any event are included. This is just a group drive to Monterey.

Cost per car is $550 and includes the following:

Light breakfast at the starting point

Lunch for two in Paso Robles

Apparel for two

Swag bag with sponsor giveaways

Curated routes that feature amazing driving roads

Chance to win a free set of tires from Xcomp

25% off coupon on tires from Xcomp

Other cool things we will announce along the way

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