LongTail Sprint to Monterey Car Week

Are you chill? Roll with us to the coolest car event in the world

Wednesday, August 14, 2023

It’s our favorite time of the year again…Monterey Car Week! This is a curated group drive from the SoCal area to Monterey/Carmel for those attending the weeks festivities. What’s new? This year we’re departing from two locations, one in Orange County and one in Los Angeles.

The Orange county meet-up will be at the brand new LongTail Den storage and event facility in Costa Mesa. It’s adjacent to Protective Film Solutions and home to the Ted7 Photobooth. The Los Angeles meetup location will be at Avant-Garde Xotics (AGX) in Van Nuys. Both groups will meet up north of the city and make the drive to Monterey as one group.

Along the way we’ll stop for a delicious lunch in wine country. Once we conclude the drive in Monterey, we all go our separate ways. But this year, each Sprint participant gets free entry into the first annual LongTail Car Week BBQ, which is an invite-only private event in Monterey on Saturday, August 17th.

Stunning Scenery: Coastal drive from LA to Monterey

Iconic Cars: Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Aston Martins, and more

Meet Car Enthusiasts: Share your passion for luxury and speed

Memorable Road Trip: Make memories with fellow enthusiasts

Event Date: Wednesday, August 14th.

Exotic and sports-oriented cars only. BMW M, Audi S, Mercedes Benz AMG, etc.

Cost per team (one car, two people) is $500 and includes the following:

Kickoff party/fan event in the Los Angeles area

Breakfast for two

Lunch for two

Hats and shirts for driver and passenger

Swag bag with sponsor giveaways

Professional photos by famous automotive photographer Ted7

Curated route that features amazing driving roads

Chance to win a free set of tires from Xcomp

25% off coupon on tires from Xcomp

Other cool things we will announce along the way

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