LongTail 2022

Spring Rally - June 3-11

LongTail Rally is back for 2022! We'll be doing two major rallies this year. One out west and one back east. Spring Run will be 9 unforgettable days starting with ocean views in San Francisco, then traversing the Rocky Mountains with some special surprises, and culminating in spectacular fashion with red rocks in Sedona and Scottsdale.

    The Route

    Day 0 - San Francisco

    Registration day! We'll have a wonderful dinner with beautiful sunset views of the Bay Area.

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    Day 1 - San Francisco to Lake Tahoe

    After celebrating our reunion and all our new friends, we're heading for the hills and some jaw-dropping driving roads.

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    Day 2 - Lake Tahoe to Salt Lake City

    After working our way through California's mountains its a dash across the high plans of Nevada, en route to the city by the Great Salt Lake.

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    Day 3 - Salt Lake City to Vail

    Onward and upward... we head mile high into the great state of Colorado for a few days exploring the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains.

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    Day 4 - Chill in Vail

    The Colorado mountains are spectacular so we'll crash here an extra night. Join us for a white water rafting trip or an off-road tour in a side-by-side. Want to go easy? Vail Village has amazing shopping, or just schedule a spa day at our beautiful resort.

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    Day 5 - Vail to Colorado Springs

    Getting back on the road, we keep heading east the whole way out to the front range to check out the Garden of the Gods and climb Pike's Peak, the country's most scenic mountain.

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    Day 6 - Colorado Springs to Santa Fe

    We curve our way back into the Rockies as we turn south, heading for the desert

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    Day 7 & 8 - Santa Fe to Scottsdale

    We start heading back west with a dash across New Mexico, through Sedona, and on to Scottsdale where we'll spend two nights to close out the event.

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    The Events

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